Adobe Campaign for Hootsuite


Adobe Campaign for Hootsuite is a plugin application that captures profiles and interactions between a company and its customers on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

Data can be sent to Adobe Campaign Standard(ACS) or Adobe Campaign Classic(ACC).

Adobe Campaign Standard is a web API with a simple and nice interface. The Classic version is accessible through a Windows client and has many more features than ACS. Both provide useful tools for creating campaigns and improving customer relationships

With Adobe Campaign for Hootsuite, companies can now use Hootsuite's features to enhance their social media campaign.

This document describes how to prepare your Adobe Campaign Classic and Standard instances, and install the Plugin to use its features.


Before members of organizations can use Adobe Campaign for Hootsuite, an administrator must prepare their instances correctly as per the following steps.

Prepare your Adobe Campaign Standard instance

Required information:

  • The latest version package for Adobe Campaign Standard
  • The PEM private key and public key configured in your instance. Steps to create an integration and keys steps here
  • Your instance Client ID.
  • Your instance CLient secret
  • The JWT Payload
  • The instance url

Getting the information

Lastest version package

Once your package is downloaded, go to your Adobe Campaign Standard dashboard and click on the menu icon at the top left of the screen to open the menus.

Go to Administration > Deployment and click on Package imports

Click on create in the top right corner of the window

Upload or Drag and Drop the package file, and then follow the instructions

Once the import is complete, you can now search for your instance information. They will be useful for accessing the Adobe Campaign Standard API.

Most of them are on your Adobe Console I/O platform

Check out your Adobe Campaign Integration on this page.

Private and Secret Key:

You can see your Client ID (API Key) and display your Client Secret by clicking on the Retrieve client Secret button here.

PEM Key and secret

Generate it with a toll like the The OpenSSL Kit for example for Window:

When your public key is generated you can update it by clicking on Add a public key.

Payload Informations

You can find your JWT payload by clicking on the JWT menu.

Instance URL

Connect to Adobe Experience:

Your instance is the URL url yellow

Prepare your Adobe Campaign Classic instance

Required information

  • The latest version package for Adobe Campaign Classic
  • Apply to Adobe Support to add CORS Headers below:
  • Your instance URL

Getting the information

Lastest version package

Once the package is downloaded Open the Tools menu

Select Advanced, then Import Package

Select install a package from a file, click Next, then provide the path for your file

You should be able to see the content of your export. Follow the instructions and install it. Once the import is completed, restart your session and you should be able to see the ACHootsuite folder in the Explorer

Your instance is now ready to be deployed

Apply to Adobe Support for the CORS Header.

You can create a request here, Neolane Support

Install Adobe Campaign for Hootsuite.

In the Dashboard click on Applications,then Adobe Campaign extension and install it

Select the Adobe Campaign version you need in the App Plugins tab

Once the installation complete, refresh your Dashboard and you should be able to see the option Send to Adobe Campaign in your Facebook or Twitter streams.

Instance registration

When you launch the plugin for the first time, you are invited to register and configure your instance.

This requires that you've completed setting up the instance.

Adobe Campaign Standard registration

The first part of the setup is regarding your Hootsuite account. Enter your Hootsuite Admin ID. Select the organizaton that this user has accesss to and then name the instance to make identifying it more easily.

The second part of the setup is in regards to your Adobe Campaign Standard instance. The details for getting all this information are described in the Prepare your Adobe Campaign Standard instance part

Once you're done you reach the last pannel where a summary of the information entered is displayed, you can either go back or finish to submit your instance registration.

Adobe Campaign Classic registration

The Adobe Campaign Classic instance Registration Workflow is the same with ACS, but with less information. You only need your instance URL

Connector Usage

When you first click on Send to Adobe Campaign in the menu of the interaction stream, the plugin will check in the Adobe Campaign base weither the profile you are cliking on exists or not. There are 3 possible cases:

Case 1: Profile Creation

When no profiles matches the social network you clicked on in Adobe Campaign for Hootsuite, you'll get the Create Profile Form, it is separated in 2 parts:

  • The preview block where you can see the interaction and its author username
  • The pre-filled form where you can check and complete the profile information and have an overview of the information posted

You can either click on Create Profile to go to the next step or Cancel your action.

Update Interactions Automaticaly

You can activate the Automatic Update of the interaction between your social network and the one you clicked on

Note that if you click on Cancel, your profile will be created but the Automatic Update is disabled

Your operation is confirmed, you can close the Pop up

Case 2: Profile Update

You get this when the profile name is found in Adobe Campaign, but not by ID.

The form is the same as the creation except for a few things

You can select profiles that match the interaction profile name. You can either create a new one or update an existing one from the list.

Set Automatic Update manually in Adobe Campaign

In Adobe Campaign Classic

In order to set The Automatic Update setting in Adobe Campaign, go to the recipient / profile view

Click on the Social Tab. then to the Automatic Network tab.

Double click on the element you want to modify in the list and a popup window will appear where you can edit your fields.

In Adobe Campaign Standard

Go to the Profile section. Click on the profile you are interested in

Once you are in the profile panel of your target, click on the pencil-shaped edit button in the right-top corner of the window.

You should see the general information of your profile when you click on the Automatic Twitter/Facebook Update tab.

You should see a list of the Social Networks that this user retrieves social interaction automatically. Click on the interaction you're interested in.

From this panel you can change the value of Automatic update to Yes or No.

Case 3: The Profile Already Exists.

You get to this when your profile ID match a profile in Adobe Campaign.

You can find the interactions in the Twitter/Facebook table under the Client Data section in ACS.